Mental Health Consequences of the Pandemic and its Aftermath. 

Brian Skinner Government & Policy, Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders

  By Brian Skinner, Esq. As the COVID-19 pandemic drags on and the economy continues to suffer, policymakers must be prepared address an increased need for both a public health response and policies to increase intervention and prevention efforts associated with the mental health of the state’s population.  Recent studies are highlighting the impact the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting …Read More

Never overlook the value the WVDSCS provides to seniors The following is from an article in the @heralddispatch about the Barboursville Senior Center reopening: The doors opened once more Tuesday, with many local seniors waiting just outside the building.

Helping Drug Users Survive, Not Abstain: ‘Harm Reduction’ Gains Federal Support

Investor enthusiasm remains high for exchange-traded funds that track renewable-energy indexes, even though they have posted double-digit declines so far this year

Hot and humid weather continues with scattered afternoon and evening thunderstorms.
☀ Limit outdoor work in the afternoon. Take frequent breaks
☀ Stay hydrated
☀ Check pets and kids frequently
☀ Know the signs of heat illness


"In growing up, a child should know some joy in each day and look forward to
some joyous event for the morrow." - Nicholas Hobbs

#HobbsPrinciples #SundaySayings

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