Glenville State College prioritizes health, academics and experience under new leadership

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Glenville State College

The State Journal — by Kailee Kroll  — October 19, 2020

GLENVILLE — A transition of leadership isn’t the only thing happening at Glenville State College this year as the campus’s administration works to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, expand the college’s reach, and strengthen and implement academic programs.

Since becoming Glenville State College’s president in July, Dr. Mark Manchin said he has identified three major areas of the institution to which he is giving a great deal of attention: The health and safety of the students, faculty, staff and campus; the strength of the college’s academic programs and their preparation of students for the future; and the overall campus experience and atmosphere.

After arriving on campus, Manchin said he quickly began to address a number of issues, starting with the health and safety of the campus community amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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