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H2C is a leading lobbying firm that provides sound strategy, policy and advocacy services for a broad range of clients. Our relationships, rooted in trust and developed over time, position us to help policy makers understand the importance of our clients’ issues. Our diverse backgrounds and experience offer our clients a balanced and well-rounded perspective on how to successfully navigate the complicated rules – both written and unwritten – of government. We are trusted by multi-national companies, state-wide associations, and non-profit organizations because our proactive engagement with our clients and our proven record of success are transforming the notion of traditional lobbying.

Joey Garcia announces 2022 House of Delegates reelection bid | Local News | http://timeswv.com https://www.timeswv.com/news/local_news/joey-garcia-announces-2022-house-of-delegates-reelection-bid/article_6b7f4532-52fd-11ec-bf8a-c737905e333e.html

County Commission commits stimulus money to expand broadband | Preston County News | http://wvnews.com https://www.wvnews.com/prestoncountynews/news/county-commission-commits-stimulus-money-to-expand-broadband/article_98319838-4d5c-11ec-a370-ef9c30f9ca0d.html

Appalachian Power considering counties to add to Logan, Mingo for middle-mile fiber broadband expansion | News | http://loganbanner.com https://www.loganbanner.com/news/appalachian-power-considering-counties-to-add-to-logan-mingo-for-middle-mile-fiber-broadband-expansion/article_437e0215-0aaf-58b1-b2a2-5a48409c495a.html

Feds Begin Distributing $7.5B to Rural Health Providers https://www.route-fifty.com/health-human-services/2021/11/federal-government-begins-distributing-75b-rural-health-providers/187069/ via @routefifty

With new application guidelines FirstEnergy seeks approval for solar fields - WV MetroNews https://wvmetronews.com/2021/11/28/with-new-application-guidelines-firstenergy-seeks-approval-for-solar-fields/

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