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    Help WV's Seniors

    Many of West Virginia's seniors live alone and these meals are so important, not just for nourishment, but for interaction with people. Our parents and/or grandparents deserve better, but Senior Centers can't continue to survive without an increase in the meal reimbursement rate. The average cost of a senior meal is approximately $8.87 but the centers are only reimbursed $5.25. What restaurant could keep its doors open losing over $3 for every meal served?

    High addiction rate equals high need for foster parents

    Portsmouth Daily-Times (Portsmouth, OH)

    By Tom Corrigan -

    “The call to action, if you will, is ‘We always need more parents,’” said Edward “Beau” Necco, founder and CEO of Necco, a not-for-profit foster parent service serving several states including Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky.

    Providing retroactive help to first responders

    We all like to show our support for first responders and they appreciate the gratitude. However, one group of these courageous heroes, the volunteer fire departments, many times are overlooked. With the rural nature of West Virginia, I'm not sure there's a more important group within a community than those who serve as members of the VFDs. These folks put their lives on the line during every call.