From the Well

    At the center of the West Virginia state capitol is an area known as "The Well." It is the informal gathering place for lobbyists, reporters, constituents and lawmakers. Centrally located between the chambers of the House of Delegates and Senate, The Well is often where information is shared, alliances are formed and deals are made.

    5 Things to Know About a Covid Vaccine: It Won’t Be a ‘Magic Wand’

    A University of Miami Miller School of Medicine lab technician processes blood samples in the specimen processing lab from study participants who volunteered to take part in testing the NIH-funded Moderna Covid-19 vaccine in Miami, Florida. AP PHOTO

    Kaiser Health News -- By Julie Appleby -- October 5, 2020

    President Donald Trump makes no secret h

    Few in Number, Black Residents in Appalachia Push for Justice

    A candlelight vigil in Hazard, Kentucky, honored Breonna Taylor's memory after a grand jury decision failed to hold police officers accountable for her killing. Months after a wave of anti-police brutality and Black Lives Matter demonstrations stretched into rural, largely White areas, the organizing persists in pockets of Central Appalachia.